Monday, October 15, 2012

My Visit to the Toronto ICANN Conference

Three of the organizers of the Non-Commercial Users Constituency sector of ICANN, Milton Mueller, Robin Gross and Rafik Dammak.  

A great panel at the conference organized by NCUC (Non-commercial Users Constituency) was on domain takedowns. It was unusual for ICANN to have a panel with more women than men.  The panel is streamed at: 

This photo was taken in the Law Enforcement meeting. I walked in, not realizing it was a closed meeting. It was 99% male. The discussion was about data mining-- not how to stop it, but how domain registrants could do it more effectively. Also they discussed how to watch for certain types of spam and the various types of software that could show spikes in usage that would indicate something was going on.  

No more free coffee. In the past there were free snacks and coffee in the trade show room, but at this conference ICANN was trying to make a buck.

On Sunday, at the GAC (the Government Advisory Committee) the African governments requested a meeting for themselves. Other participants were asked to leave. I took this photo before I left. 

Despite being an "internet" organization, ICANN is still quite dependent on paper. This was the totally useless cache in my conference bag, photographed before I placed all this crap in Toronto's paper recycle.

On Saturday I played hookey and visited a wonderful farm market at a repurposed Toronto trolley garage.

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Friday, October 05, 2012

"We've Come from the City!"

A cantata by Herbert Haufrecht, written for Camp Woodland. It is sung by members of the Hudson Valley Folk Guild and performed at the Parish Hall in Phoenicia, NY, summer, 2012.

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