Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Camp Woodland Reunion

 Sue Rosenberg reads from Camp Woodland's newspaper, The Catskill Call and Pete sings Guantanamera.

Pete Seeger explains the origen of the poem Guantanamera, which was written in Haines Falls, NY state, where the great Cuban poet was recuperating from illness.

Atheists and Patriots:
Campers speak of their camp experiences-- from arguments about the existence of God to raising the US flag every morning.

Niela Miller Sings Searching for the Lambs.

 Putting on the Agony, Putting on the Style

 Last Night I had the Strangest Dream followed by Down by the Riverside

Two songs from the Cantata "We Come From the City" by Herb Haufrecht sung by the Hudson Valley Folk Guild.

 Sue Rosenberg sent more information about the musicians:
 So here are the names of the people on the stage: 
Eric Weissberg on the banjo, playing with him was Mickey Vandow. 
Karl Finger played guitar and he's the one singing Guantanemara with Pete and Pat Lamanna. 
Niela Miller was all the way on the right (near me) and Dan Mack-Ward was the other guy with the guitar. He sang When a Feller is out of a job. Bob Lusk from Heritage Folk Music sang Big Bill Snyder with Ira McIntosh- who is the story teller from Andes.

 I will be posting these songs in the next few days.
It takes time to compress the material and then to post it on YouTube.
DeeDee Halleck

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Saturday, July 14, 2012

George Stoney


Friday, July 13, 2012

Paper Tiger Clean Up Unearths Trove of Rare Media Journals

Patricia Gonzalez, Rebecca Centeno and Tomoko Abe on Clean Up Day

The Paper Tiger office is getting reshuffled and we found collections of several magazines that I refused to put on the street! I know everything is digital, but I thought that surely there are people who might want to have in their archive.

If you are interested, call me (DeeDee 845 594 4871) and I will deliver to any place within the metropolitan area.

Afterimage-- many issues from the early 1980s
Community Television Review--1984 on for several years
Channels of Communication-- EARLY 80S
CINEASTE -- 1979 on for several years
Kick It-- unusual Australian magazine from th early 90s
Cultural Correspondence-- 1983 , 1984
Colors- some of the early issues 1995
Off Our Backs 1980s
Mom Guess What 1980s
Nacla 1984 for many years-- great Latin American journal
Extra 1995 on-- lots of issues.. great journal from FAIR

Don't let these end up on the street!
call or email:

Great for Media Literacy Classes

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