Sunday, May 20, 2007

Max Schumann's Show

As much as I love art, I'm not really a painting collector. Most of the paintings I have are gifts from friends or what I make myself. The one exception is Max Schumann. I've known Max since he was born. He is the same age as my son Peter and our families used to hang out with each other on the Lower East Side. The playground in Tompkins Square Park was a favorite meeting place.

I think the first painting of his I acquired was for five cents and it was of the Three Musketeers. Max was about six at the time. Since then I have tried to keep up with his career, occasionally buying some of his work. It's easy to do that as Max is part of the Cheap Art Movement, initiated at Bread and Puppet Theater in the 1970s. Last week I went to a closing of Max's show of his latest work: wry comments on our life and times in the era of Terror. All of the paintings were $100.
This one is from a speech Bush made and someone photographed Cheney hiding in the bushes.
"The Last Terroir is from the Style section of the New York Times.

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