Friday, May 11, 2007

The Catskills Own Waco

Arkville hit the tabloids when a fugitive with a stolen van fired at a trooper who stopped him for a missing license. The trooper's vest deflected the shot, but the guy got away and fled to a house on Route 30 near Margaretville in Arkville, whose last big event was the visit of Thomas the Engine to the railroad museum. The state put out an all-alert and saw the van at a farmhouse. For hours they sprayed teargas and shots into the building. The tear gas was ignited by the shots and the house started burning. Firefighters were kept at bay. When the smoke cleared, the charred body of the fugitive was found with a rifle in his arms. Two troopers had been shot, one of whom died. Ballistics revealed that they were shot by "friendly fire". Over two hundred police cars were involved and a dozen helicopters. A dedication page in the local press listed all the different officers that took part in the action. These are a few of the armed forces of the Catskills:
NY State Troopers
DEP Police
Encon Police
Forest Rangers
Delhi Police
Roxbury Constable
Delaware County Sheriff's Department
Is the fact that all these different forces were involved the reason that they ended up shooting each other? Were they communicating with each other? With so many cops, who is in command? In the 9/11 era maybe there are just too many cops. In this case, the only people really injured were injured by "law enforcement". Oh, and a robot. They sent a robot into the house, but the fugitive was upstairs and the robot couldn't climb the steps.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Arkville hit the tabloids when a fugitive with a stolen van fired at a trooper who stopped him for a missing license. "

From my experience, all stops made by the police are
potential hazards, so my question is this; Did the
initial officer use proper caution in detaining said suspect? In my frequent visits to Margarville the
locale of the gas station backs up directly to a school.
And at 3PM, most schools let out and sometimes children go to the convenience store within that gas station. So what kind of jerk would approach a suspect right there instead of having him drive out and follow down the road, or better yet, in this age of communication call for back-up or someone to head the suspect off. Let's investigate credentials of that officer.

Rose Walls
Shirley, NY

11:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

1. A suspicious vehicle that has circled near the school several times needs to be pulled over. It would have been bad if the suspect walked into the school.

2. The officer did use precautions. He did not fire after being shot due to the location and time of day.

3. For the auther. The listed agencies were there to support the State Police. The individual was an imediate threat to the local community. The SP MRT has since changed its police when confronted with an armed baricaded subject with no hostages.

8:29 PM  

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