Monday, January 07, 2008

Sonia Malkine, Shady, New York

Sonia Malkine is a neighbor who lives in Shady-- just down the road from my house in Willow. During the 1960's I was living in Bloomingburg, New York, raising three children and a few goats. My lifeline to the larger world was WBAI FM which came in very clearly on our kitchen radio. One of the programs I loved was a weekly show by Sonia Malkine. She would sing and often have folk singer guests from all over the world. She has lived in Woodstock since the 1950s and graces the local scene with her concerts and song. I am working on a documentary about her life-- it began as a Paper Tiger show: Sonia Malkine Reads Anarchist Trading Cards.
Sonia's mother, May Piqueray, was a well-known French anarchist, and I knew that Sonia had known Emma Goldman and Alexander Berkman, so I showed Sonia a deck of anarchist cards, which I had bought at the Left Bank Book Store in Seattle. Sonia personally knew about half of the anarchists who were on the cards! Since so many young people call themselves anarchists, I thought it would be interesting to look a one woman's involvement with anarchism in the early part of the 20th century.
This clip is a rough beginning of the 28 minute program.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

This looks wonderful!! I hope the completed movie gets a showing in Woodstock, and free to all!! -Cheryl

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