Monday, April 30, 2007

Colored Water

I went to Girls Preparatory School for grades 10-12 in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Last week I had my 50th reunion since I graduated in 1957. It was amazing to go back to the South.
When I first visited Chattanooga in the forties there were seperate water fountains at the station for the Lookout Mountain Incline. The fountains were on the outside wall right under that canopy on the above post card. There were two signs: White and Colored. I remember asking my mom if the "colored sign" on the fountain meant that the water was like a rainbow. Colored water sounded pretty good to me. Later when we moved to Chattanooga in 1953, the signs were still up, but I had learned what they meant.
By the way, the Incline is pronounced with a strong "In".


Blogger mmax said...

Hi Dee Dee
How funny to read your post. I live in Chattanooga with my son Clyde, who is visiting his dad in Red Hook right now. I can only imagine how it must have been back then for you. I have heard stories of how it was from people I taught with at an Arts High School here. I hope you enjoyed something about Chattanooga during your visit. I spoke to Tovey recently and seems he is doing well. If you ever visit again, I hope you might look me up. I'm basically a mom and generic employed person right now, not an artist or poet. But I love doing that for just right now -the mom thing. Perhaps the old branches will sprout again, perhaps this year. Take good care of yourself, and come back (If you do, come to Barking Legs Theater!). Peace. Mia Hansford

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