Sunday, March 14, 2010

Diana Bryan has passed

Diana was the queen of silhouette. Not since Lotte Reiniger had anyone attained the level of skill and creativity in this craft. She was incredibly resourceful in finding uses for this work: illustrating record (remember them?) and CD covers, NY Times editorials, and creating sculptures by placing them in front of light boxes in metal cut-out versions.
Diana haunts my email inbox file. She was a prodigious environmental watch-dog. Doing a search for her last mail messages, I am shamed into keeping more abreast with the struggle to preserve our special Catskill/Saugerties environment:

October 30 2008: Common sense strategy for Winston Farm
December 30 2008 Is Toxic coal fly ash our future in Saugerties
January  4 2009  Letter to the Editor from Diana Bryan:   Why should we try to save Nanny Goat Hill
January 29: MORE interesting facts about CH2M Hill who is sponsoring the Winston Farm meeting in Saugerties
May 3 Why we can't allow and/or trust manufacturers with highly toxic substances to come into Saugerties

The last message Diana sent to me was a link:
We all need somebody to lean on.

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