Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Cop Zone in Central Park

These pictures were all taken on the same afternoon from the running track around the Central Park Reservoir.  This stretch of the park is at least a quarter of a mile long and is ALWAYS full of police cars.  This is the very center of Central Park and our "New York Commons."  Just how did this areas become COP ZONE?   

What is the new two story warehouse type building that has blossomed with the huge words "Central Park Precinct"? 

Was a cop parking lot in the original Frederick Law Olmsted design? How can so much precious public space be given over to cars?  Has the crime record in the park really grown so much to need that amount of infrastructure? 
What are the rules for expansion into the natural areas?  What are the rules for parking cars in the park?  Many of the cars are the private cars of the police.  Do the other workers (the stone masons, the rangers, the reservoir engineers) get to part smack dab in the middle of the park when they go to work? 
What is the opinion of Commissioner Benepe about this military occupation?  What is the opinion of the Central Park Conservancy?

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