Monday, January 18, 2010

Democracy Now! Goes to Haiti

Manno singing in Miami
photo by Sharif Kouddous

This is Manno Charlemagne singing at the Tap Tap Restaurant in Miami. Sharif took this photo on his way to Haiti with the Democracy Now! crew. They will be reporting from there tomorrow.

Manno did the music for the film Bitter Cane, which I made in 1983 along with Pennee Bender and Kim Ives. Manno watched all of our interviews then used the words from the interviews in the music he sang for the film. I don't think there are too many documentaries which have that quality of sychronized music track! For a while Manno was Mayor of Porte au Prince (during the Aristide years.) To get a copy of Bitter Cane, go to

This is the hotel room where the Democracy Now! staff (Elizabeth, Sharif, Amy) are staying in Haiti!

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Blogger Le Cuisinier said...

Dear Sir:

I just saw Bitter Cane, which i found poignant and edifying. I found 'Jacques Arcelin' as the director's name: was it a pseudonym?

I'm a big fan of Manno Charlemagne and wonder if his songs heard in the film can be found elsewhere; "Alyenkat" is on Konviksyon album, but i had never heard the others before.

In the last minutes of the film, a man and a woman sing a beautiful song: are they George 'Moumousse' Wilson and Anaika?

I hope i'm not bothering with these questions...

Thank you very much for Bitter Cane.

Xavier (Paris, France)

5:51 PM  

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