Saturday, June 20, 2009

NYU/Yale Open Media Conference

lots of boys.
lots of code talk
drupal, plumi, etc

and then there's a whole other bunch talking
about things like elevator pitches.
which i thought must be a new form of muzak-- something
that goes directly into your blackberry while you're in an elevator ..
but no
it's just how to get your "concept" to the CEO in the time it takes you to get from the first to the 12th floor.
In other words,
lots of guys looking to sell their 'concepts".

lots of the presentations are on line at

this is no next five minutes.

but there are some good ole indymedia friends.

On Friday night they had a great lineup of the workshops and speakers archived on their web site.
But today (Tuesday) I am trying to catch up with some of the stuff I missed on Saturday and all that is
up are a few "remixes". Where are the talks? Where are the workshops?

So much for "open video"...........
Did all the geeks jump on the pirate ship and sail away?

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