Saturday, April 05, 2008


On Friday Body of War opened at the E Street Theater in Washington, DC. A great squad of Iraq Vets Against the War showed up, along with directors Ellen Spiro and Phil Donahue and of course Tomas Young.Phil says I am the yenta for this movie-- meaning matchmaker. I gave Phil Ellen's phone number and she thought it was a crank call. But I think he also means yenta as in sort of a nag-- making sure it kept its amazing radical edge and that it got out there, hopefully to be used by peace activists all over the country and especially in the military. Actually the 2 CD set that Tomas and Eddie Vedder did is probably what will get to the military quicker. It's already a best seller. Everyone should go to see this very moving intimate film.People waited in line for over an hour.
The audience was standing room only.
The CD set of Body of War music which includes sets by many great musicians was on sale in the lobby and hundreds waited in line for the sold out show.

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Blogger Tom said...

SEE VIDEO and Help the antiwar efforts of Tomas Young and others, pass it on to others.
Promoting this film helps the antiwar movement. I interviewed Phil Donahue in this Representative Press Video, please help amplify his efforts and my efforts, get this video to others. It is important that good crowds show up at the theaters. The movie is showing in several cities, spread the word. See VIDEO: See Body of War, Hear Body of War * Part 2
I want Phil Donahue's appearance in my video to have been productive so I am really trying to get this video maximum exposure.

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