Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Non-violent Resistance

Bob Nichols and Nora Paley are preparing a series of on-going tributes to Grace Paley. Bob thought a web page highlighting non violent resistance would be a good idea so I made this page to give him an idea of what that might look like.
Ever since Grace Paley died last year, many people have been looking for various ways to keep her memory alive through furthering her vision of non-violent actions against the empires of war and exploitation. One idea is to have a web site which can record global instances of creative non-violent actions-- powerful gestures in the struggle for peace and justice by people all over the world.
Here are some examples of non-violent resistance from the recent past:
JUNE 2006 ...."Also on Saturday in Rangoon, at least 2,000 monks were watched by plain clothes security officials as they took to the streets. In Mandalay, a monastic centre of Buddhist learning, up to 10,000 monks held a rally. Protests also took place across Burma in the five townships of Chauk, Shwebo, Mongwa, Taung Dwin Gyi and Ye Nan Chaung. There were no reports of any violence on Saturday. On Friday, the Alliance of All Burmese Buddhist Monks branded Burma's military rulers "the enemy of the people" and pledged to "wipe the military dictatorship from the land".
The protests have turned into the largest public show of opposition to the Burmese authorities since the uprising of 1988."The text and pictures are from

And from Indymedia Ireland:
Stop the Assault on Gaza: National demonstration, IRELAND
and from Indy Bay
Berkeley Students Protest Massacre in Gaza Monday Mar 3rd, 2008 6:56 PM
At 11am Monday, U.C. Berkeley students lay down in Sproul Plaza to protest the ongoing massacre in Gaza that is being carried out with US supplied weapons. 2 Israeli soldiers and over 70 Palestinians, most of them civilians, were killed Saturday March 1st in an Israeli operation in Northern Gaza. Organized by Students For Justice in Palestine, students handed out flyers to raise awareness to the plight of Palestians living under Israeli occupation.
From the New York TimesProtesters from Code Pink while Condeleza Rice testifies in Congress

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