Saturday, October 13, 2007

Glimpses of Ireland

WB Yeats looks down from a lamp post banner at a tent erected in front of the Irish Parliament. I tried to find out what they were protesting. The policeman said he thought it had something to do with child abuse. I looked on indymedia Ireland for an explanation to no avail.Che was celebrated all over the world today. Even in Bolivia.Ireland was no exception.At the National History Museum in Dublin, Sean told me to look for this little gold boat from the first century BC. The slender mast proves that there were sailing boats in those days. It was found in a farmer's field in County Derry. The farmer's wife washed the dirt off and almost lost some of the oars. I think the Irish tabloids are even more pervasive than those in the US. On the train from Dublin to Cork this woman spent her time with Brittany, OJ, Angelina and George Clooney.Walking through Dublin one comes across many different forms of street solicitation.This one seemed particularly clever.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The man in the tent was on hunger strike. His protest related to an incident where his daughter was badly injured in an unprovoked assault in a bar. She had a glass smashed into her face. No one was prosecuted, although it was well known who did it.

The protest and hunger strike was because the bar was frequented by a high ranking politician who was said to be friends with the owner. The bar was claimed to be a place where the police turned a blind eye to underage and after-hours drinking.

The protester claimed that the politician had protected the bar owner by stopping any prosecution taking place.

The mainstream media refused to carry the story, and the rest of the political parties stayed quiet too.

The protest ended when the protester was rushed to hospital after losing consciousness.

It's probably better if I don't name the pub or the politician (who recently resigned citing the constant investigations into his finances), but if I say the pub is in Drumcondra then hopefully most Dublin people will know who we are talking about.

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