Friday, June 22, 2007

Virtual Cities and Unfulfiled Dreams

The robots at YouTube link videos to the ones that you post-- clips that are selected to connect with ones you have posted. This video appeared at the top of my "YouTube account" page. I don't know how those robots knew that I have long been fascinated by the popularity of Sims, particularly with young women. Partly because of my mother.
I think my mother might have been lost to Sims. She was very active in a group called Women in Architecture and for a term served as president of that organization. She built this house for my family right before I was born. It's in the suburbs of Saint Louis. Shortly after my sister Pinky was born, our mother contacted polio and was unable to work for many years.She never was able to fulfil what must have been strong ambitions. She read about and greatly admired Louis Sullivan, Frank Lloyd Wright, Eero Saarinen and Louis Kahn . She even worked with Richard Neutra on a residence in Chattanooga where we lived in the 1950s. But she was an architect who never was able to fulfil her dreams of building the futuristic cities she fantatized. Would she have enjoyed building Sims cities? Would this sort of activity have been something to develop her tremendous potential, or would this game have just sucked her time and her energy into someone else's game? Is the "creative potential" of this play only the expression of a few gamers in LA (or NY or Tokyo)?

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