Monday, June 11, 2007

No to Occupation: June 10, 2007

We drove down to DC to a demonstration for Palestine.Convergence at the Capitol. The yellow posters are from the group "Answer" and the red ones from United for Peace and Justice, who organized the rally. This is the first time UFPJ has held a big rally on these issues. In the past even mention of Israel was not permitted. But there seems to be a sea-change. People are speaking out against the Israeli occupation and the attacks on Gaza. Part of the change is because, I think, people are waking up to what "occupation" means, having now seen it's bitter consequence in Iraq. Progressive people who are against the occupation in Iraq have to face the fact that Israel has occupied Palestine for forty years. To be against that occupation is not to be anti-semitic. It is to take a stand against a Zionist state that discriminates against half the population. See Joel's book, Overcoming Zionism (Pluto Press) for a discussion of the problem.These Orthodox Jews who are against occupation were the most popular photo subjects. Digital cameras, cellphones and network news focused on them all day.Another popular subject was Medea Benjamin, co-founder of Code Pink.There were many beautiful women in veils.My friend said I shouldn't use this photo unless I know what the words mean in Arabic. She is afraid that the image of the mosque means it might be from a religious sect that is repressive to women. If anyone can read it, please let me know what it says below in the comments.

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Blogger DeeDee Halleck said...

Dee Dee,
The flag reads 'Palestine the Holy land', though the image is reversed. My Arabic is a little rusty so if someone has a better translation for Kolehaa I'd like to know the significance of the Mosque as well. Though the image could be of the Famous Mosque.

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