Monday, March 05, 2007

We Are Many

The Danish "Youth House" was demolished today. This historic building was once a forum for Lenin.
Video of police brutality against demonstrators is at

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This weekend we have proven once and for all, that we are not a marginalized subculture, but a large, and growing, group of young people. When people riot on a scale like this weekend, it is proof that something is totally wrong. In a democratic country, all the alarms should be ringing, when you send in the whole police force to fight down a social and cultural uprising. But a social and cultural uprising can take on many forms. One thing is burning cars, something else is taking the fight into our everyday lives.
Now it is Monday morning. And the weekdays are back. The kind of weekdays where you go to work and school, shop for dinner and take the bus. And maybe doubt is beginning to kick in. Will the system get the last word, if you get up this morning, and drink your coffee and go to work as usual? The capitalist society has got us by the throat, but we have shown them that it doesn’t have to be like that.
When doubt sticks its head out, that is when we have to learn form it. It is there for obvious reasons. Our friends have been unjustly imprisoned in huge numbers. We have been poisoned with gas, beaten with clubs, and had our homes raided. It’s all right to be afraid. But can we continue our lives like nothing happened? NO! Cause this Monday is not like the others. The creativity and energy that has been released can be used to keep the struggle going, and we are the ones who will decide how to carry on the fight. We will keep on coming back again and again. Time after time we break the systems frames of perception. We will keep on doing the unexplainable and selfexplanatory things. The unexpected and unpredictable. We want everything.
We took a big step and showed how important this social and cultural struggle is. A struggle where so many will risk so much to get the attention of the world around them. But the struggle for more free spaces, where we can show our resistance against a tendency of normalization that only wishes to make people more effective, docile and obedient, must be fought in the schools, at work and on the social security office.
The energy we exhibited in the weekend, is the core in a society, the holds more than cafe latte, nuclear families and pension funds. Its about much more than a house. Its about our lives and the future, about how society as a whole should develop.
We have drawn the eyes of the world to a fight, that is fought everywhere. We have created history, and history will not be forgotten in one day. Even though today is Monday, the struggle continues. Don’t push away the daily routine like it can’t be changed. Use it. Tell your fellow students and colleagues about our struggle. Remember that we are many.


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