Monday, March 12, 2007

Sol Maria Gets Perfect Score

My granddaugher Sol Maria Halleck goes to school in Nicaragua. She has always been a dedicated student, both in academics but also in her violin playing. She has been out of touch with us for many years. So long, in fact that I have no idea which person she is in this photograph. It is from the Nicaraguan newspaper, La Prensa. This is the article. I always think of her around this time of year. She was crazy about rabbits and one day she fell in love with a stuffed rabbit at a Ralph's Easter display. I bought it for her and for about ten years that rabbit was her constant companion. She took it everywhere and each night covered it gently next to her in bed. I have dozens, no, probably hundreds of photos of her and that rabbit because any time you took a photo of her, that rabbit, getting gradually more droopy and dirty would be there in her arms. I will post some of the pictures. I hope someday she will get back in touch. Her father and I miss her very very much and don't really understand why she won't speak to us. I wonder if she still loves rabbits. You can see her and her bunny at

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