Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Atlanta Airport

There must be a special terminal at Kennedy and LaGuardia where the military embarks because in four years of traveling I haven't seen such a crowd of soldiers. Maybe it's the surge. The airport was full of sand colored uniforms.I spoke to some, but they didn't want to be filmed. But all of the dozen or so soldiers I spoke said they wanted the US to get out NOW.I remember around the time of the beginning of the war, I did see some troops in Saint Louis. The sight made me really angry. I wanted to shout at them, to kick them, to protest their even being in the military. This time I felt very different. I could only feel total sadness. How cruel to send these guys away from their families and homes. How sad to think of the Iraqis whose lives they have altered (or lost). These soldiers had been there before. Some were on their third or fourth "tour".

From the Food Court to Germany to Baghdad.


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