Saturday, January 27, 2007

Sunny Solutions at WSF

For an interview with Faustine Odaba, go to of the reasons I wanted to come to Nairobi was to help promote the wonderful work of Margaret Owino and the Sunny Solutions crew of Solor Cookers International. ( ) Margaret was able to get a great spot at the Forum (directly across from the main entrance to the stadium and the press room) to display a vast array of cookers. The big attraction was the food which was cooking in each of the kits. Participants were invited to sample the roasted ground nuts, solar-baked cakes, ugali, muranda and other delicious African foods.Margaret Owino explains the differences between various types of solar cookers. Faustine Odaba explains to members of a dance troupe from Barundi, who stopped by the solar exhibit.A solar enthusiast from Switzerland came by the first day and became a "regular"-- helping explain to the hundreds of people who stopped by the exhibit.Two young men stopped by to purchase a cookit. They are biking around the world and plan to solar cook all the way to China. Check out their trip at


Blogger Ookami Snow said...

The solar cooker is a very good idea. I hope it works out.

3:44 AM  
Blogger DeeDee Halleck said...

Solar cookers definitely work out! Yesterday I was at a workshop in kajaima (south of Nairobi) where a group of about twenty women cooked a terrific meal, all using the small cardboard "cookits"

4:14 AM  

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