Monday, November 20, 2006

Passing on While Watching Yourself on Public Access; Stories for True Believers #1

I received this amazing story from the public access list serve:

Doris Yvonne McQuay, 83, passed away Saturday, Nov. 18, 2006, at Coastal Hospice by the Lake in Salisbury. Born in Bozman, Md., she was a daughter of the late Daniel Seth McQuay and Helen Graff Fedder.

Doris was a major with the Salvation Army. Maj. McQuay was commissioned from the Salvation Army Training College in Atlanta in May 1953. Thereafter, she had a short appointment at the Mountain Mission in North Carolina. She was stationed in the Salvation Army's Homes and Hospitals for Unwed Mothers in Birmingham, Louisville, Richmond, Tampa, Fla., and Tulsa, Okla. She served at the Salvation Army Day Care Center in Baltimore and was the director of the Girl's Club in Winston-Salem, N.C., from 1973 until her retirement in 1985.

Maj. McQuay was a Christian comic and traveled to many Salvation Army senior camps throughout the eastern United States after her retirement, and appeared many times on a local Salisbury television station. She was the Salvation Army's Woman of the Year for the Salisbury area in 2005. She attended the Salvation Army Corp in Salisbury.

About the person touching others...
The Salisbury Television station mentioned was Public Access / PAC 14. About 3 years ago a local person handed me a VHS tape and said, "this is great you have to run it". The program was a 55-minute stand-up comedy routine. The video was a bit rough quailty wise but the Major was sharp as a tack and very funny. The response from the community was tremendous. The viewers could only identify her as the 'hat lady', the Major wore different hats depending on the story, cat n the hat, frog
hat (big mouth frog story), but they called to see it again and again. Major McQuay was widely recognized in person around town because of her appearance on access. Numerous stories reported to us of people stopping her in public - at the Walmart - and laughing just thinking of the video. I personally was approached one day when getting my oil changed about the Major, and how funny it was. I was wearing my PAC 14 shirt.

If I added anymore detail it wouldn't help 'paint the picture' as you haven't seen the video or met the major. But here's a few thoughts that might make a difference as you do what you do - leading up to holidays. About a week ago, after many months where the show did not air, I rcvd a call asking if I would play it. I did. The Majors sister reported to me that on Saturday, as the Major was passing, the local Salvation Army office called Hospice to let them know the program was running so everyone could watch - including the Major. The last thing she saw was her program and people around her enjoying what they saw. The Majors sister asked if I'd play the program again in her honor. I plan to run again over the holidays.

Here's the point - A program like this would have - NEVER - aired on any other televison station. Access made that possible. The gift given by this person through home-grown humor would NEVER had the opportunity to be seen - and appreciated - by so many. It made me feel good to think she was watching at the end... I think PAC 14 is doing all the right things for all the right reasons...we all are.

Mike Goodson,
Manager PAC 14
Power Professional Building Rm 132
Salisbury, MD 21801-6860
410-677-5014 677-3314 (fax)


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